Welcome to the 40 Day Journey

Welcome to This Is Who You Are – a 40-day journey to rediscover and claim who we are in Jesus. As we set out on this quest, let’s first consider this question:

“Who told you that you were naked?”

To answer it, we must begin at the beginning. Adam and Eve lived in a literal paradise until the enemy slithered onto the scene whispering lies, questioning God’s goodness and twisting God’s words. But they believed the lie, ate from the forbidden tree and opened the door to sin and death for all of us.

Sin brought shame, and shame sent them into hiding along with feeble attempts to cover their own sin. But God mercifully sought them out and asked, “Who told you that you were naked?” Genesis 3:11. Now, step back into the present and notice how this same enemy with this same strategy is still hissing the same lies among us.

Perhaps our biggest challenge each day is just to remember who we are – better yet, whose we are. For those in Christ Jesus, our true identity is rooted in Him. Without it, the enemy will gladly fill in the blanks – call it spiritual identity theft. And he steals, kills and destroys one lie at a time:

“You’re a loser. You deserved to be punished. You’re worthless. Who would love you? God could never use you for anything. You’re broken. You should be ashamed of yourself. God has abandoned you. You’re not really saved. There’s no way out of this. You’re hopeless.” Sound familiar?

Well, I want you to hear God clearly saying to you, “Who told you that…?”

Remember God alone has the right to do the commentary on your life. Satan is the author of death and wants you to question God’s goodness, doubt the Truth of His promises and walk around with spiritual amnesia. But God is the Author of Life and in the Name of Jesus, any lies we’ve believed – any agreements we’ve made – any ground we’ve surrendered must be repossessed one truth at a time.

Like any worthwhile adventure, this will require us to courageously set out on a mission fraught with challenges and battles, but one which is also full of incredible purpose and promise. And the amazing thing is Jesus does not ask us to travel alone – for He is going with us. So, whether you are wondering what you may be missing, or you are already well-aware, then this journey is for you. And by the gracious work of the Potter, the love of Jesus, the power of the Spirit and a willing heart, you will never be the same.

Each day, we will focus on Scripture from Jars of Clay and anchor it to the truth of who we are in Jesus. While this will be more of a process than an instant fix, you will hear the Words of Life our heavenly Father is speaking over us! Step by step and truth by truth, we will walk through, remember, meditate on, fight for, claim and celebrate the incredible fullness and joy of our spiritual identity in Christ.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that you may have Life and have it abundantly.”

– Jesus in John 10:10 NASB