Hello. I’m a sheep. I was born that way. I’m really not very good at taking care of myself. You see, I’m not all that smart, get lots of stuff caught in my wool I can’t reach due to flexibility issues and don’t have any defensive skills worth bragging about. I’ve also discovered my “baaaah” is not really threatening to almost anything – especially predators.

Consequently, I tend to live in fear and will run like crazy with the rest of the flock without even knowing why. When you’re at the lower end of the food chain, it’s usually better to run than to be the last one standing around waiting to get picked off. Still, blindly following the crowd has gotten me into some unforeseen trouble on more than one occasion and I don’t recommend it.

I’m not on meds, but I am easily distracted, prone to wander and have a tendency to get lost. I can’t tell you how many wrong paths I’ve been down. I also have such short legs and fluffy coat that if I lie down and roll over, I can’t turn myself over again without outside intervention. I know, it’s quite embarrassing, but true. In short, I’m not very lovable and quite needy – you might say I’m “high-maintenance.”

I’ve followed a number of shepherds over the years and, let me tell you, it matters. I’ve been led astray many times by those who didn’t really care about me. Yep, a Good Shepherd makes all the difference. It’s taken me some time to come to grips with who I am and be able to talk openly about myself, but it’s actually kind of freeing. You see, life is way better when I keep my eyes on the Shepherd who knows everything about me and still loves me.

While there are days I think I want to be a shepherd, experience has taught me I’m not very good at that either. Truth is, I need to follow someone I can trust – someone who will lead me in the right paths – and there’s only one Good Shepherd. Weird, but just being in His Presence calms me down. It’s actually become a source of great comfort for me to keep His staff and the hem of His robe in view since looking elsewhere for what only He can provide is never a good idea.

So, I guess I’m learning to be comfortable in my own wool. My Shepherd actually seems to know how hard it is to be a sheep. And as humbling as it is to admit, I’m pretty much helpless without Him. After all, He is the One who leads me into green pastures and beside still waters. He is my Restorer, my Comforter and my Defender. Surrounded by His goodness and mercy, He is the One who always brings me safely home. And as much as He loves me, it is for His Name’s sake that He is so faithful.

You see, I’m a sheep, and the Lord is my Shepherd.

He tends His flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart. Isaiah 40:11 NIV

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