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Hiding the Word

Have you ever carefully hidden something and then couldn’t remember where? The same may be true for many Bible verses we’ve memorized over the years. God commanded that His Word be written upon our hearts as a treasured possession – more desirable than gold – the Word of Life. Accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, the Hiding the Word workshop explains how to enjoy effective Scripture memory that glorifies God, deepens your spiritual life, and hopefully prevents frequently trips to the lost and found.

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Hiding the Word – an Audio Scripture Memory Workshop – is also available for purchase on CD for $5.00.


Abiding in the Word

It is possible to be filled, but still empty…both physically and spiritually. Since there is a difference between merely consuming and truly being nourished, this teaching explores our consumerist tendencies, even toward the things of God, and helps diagnose the symptoms of spiritual malnutrition. God’s prescription comes in the form of a month-long invitation to feast, rest, abide and be nourished on His Word of Life as your daily bread.

About the Presentation

Abiding in the Word is typically offered in a 45 minute workshop accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation.



Journey back in history through this amazing story of God’s sovereign plan to unleash the Bible into the English language. It is a testimony of commitment and courage as William Tyndale faces persecution, exile, betrayal and even death in order to finish the translation as well as the race God set before him. This teaching, accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, puts flesh and blood on a history lesson that few know, but everyone should hear and be moved to a deeper appreciation for the precious Word of God.

About the Presentation

Valuing the Word is typically offered in a 45 minute workshop accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation.


8:32 Challenge

In what area are you facing your greatest challenge and perhaps losing the battle?

The enemy would much prefer you to remain captive. Whatever the area or whatever the sin, imagine what your life would be like…image the possibilities of what God could do in and through you if you gained victory and freedom in that area!

Here’s my challenge: before the sun goes down today, prayerfully identify that area (both you and God already know it anyway), find a verse that speaks to it, memorize it, ask God to use it to transform you and then mediate on it daily. If you can’t find the right verse, then look in a concordance or search a topical Bible on the Internet like the one at

Now, how long do you suppose it will be after you’ve memorized this verse that God will start using it in your life? Like 5 minutes? That’s right and the Holy Spirit will have instant access to this verse to encourage you, to help you resist temptation, to increase your faith, to give you strength or to deal with whatever your need is.

It’s only one verse, but think of the possibilities! God is faithful and His Word is powerful. And it seems like Jesus did say something about the Truth setting you free (John 8:32).

If you say…

“I’m so tired and need to gain new strength.”
“I’m depressed and need hope.”
“I doubt God, but want to walk by faith.”
“I can’t control my tongue.”
“I have a problem with anger.”
“I lust.”
“I covet.”
“I’m discontent.”
“I worry too much.”