On Every Word Devotionals

محبت او چه عظیم است

بیایید در محبت بی‌کران خداوند سفر کنیم. خداوند از تمامی افکار و اعمال ما آگاه است ولی هم‌چنان ما را به کمال دوست می‌دارد. ببینید خداوند چه سخاوتمندانه بر ما محبت داشته تا ما فرزندان او خوانده شویم. او پدری‌ست به غایت نیکو و شایسته ستایش

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Did God Speak to You?

Take time to give thanks for the love our Heavenly Father has shown you through His Son. Then tell us so we can rejoice with you.

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Find Your Verse

Download the verses, read them over and ask the Spirit of God to help you find the one that really ministered to your soul.

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Pray It

Claim that verse before God. Pray it out loud to Him. Cling to it. Ask Him to use it to bear fruit in your life.

Study the Word

Study It

Find incredible resources to study the word and make God's word part of your everyday life.

Study the Word

Memorize It

Pray it, read it and say it every day for a few weeks. Hide it in your heart to give the Spirit instant access.

Study the Word

Share It

Share both your verse and How Great a Love with someone who needs to experience God's love.