God knows it’s challenging for us to feel safe and secure in such an unstable and uncertain world.

He knows our natural tendency is to walk by sight, cling to earthly things and live in fear (whether or not we say so out loud).  This frail alliance often causes us to panic when what we want to be stable and what we need to be stable is not.  Psalm 46, He draws us out of the shadows and shows us where our security must rest.  Let’s try singing it together.

It begins with a bold declaration: God is our refuge (external and defensive) and strength (internal and dynamic).

God is
our help
a present help
a very present help
a very present help in trouble

This is not just some wishful saying, but a confident profession of the exceeding much-ness of God!  He is…


Such truth gives rise to a resolute affirmation of faith: Therefore, we will NOT fear.  We will not be afraid.  We will not panic.  For God is…

Our Rock
Our Refuge
Our High Tower
Our Shelter
Our Fortress
Our Stronghold

But what if the worst happens?  What if our greatest fears come true?  What if the seemingly most stable things in view crumble?  What if…

The earth quakes
and mountains tremble
and oceans roar
and nations rage
and enemies rise
and kingdoms stagger…

and fear begins to grip us?


Settle your emotions.  Rest your mind.  Unite your heart.  Remember the only Truth that can face down fear.  Remember your faith is not founded upon your fortitude, but upon the Firm Foundation of our Mighty God!

Oh, the seas may rage, but there is Living Water in the River of our Refuge!  Yes, the darkness is tangible, but it is banished when Morning dawns!  Jehovah Sabaoth – the Lord of Hosts – the Lord of Heaven’s Armies reigns and He is with us!  The God of Jacob is our Fortress – our High Tower far above all the earthly chaos and confusion.

HE is unshakable.
HE is immovable.
Come and see!
Look and remember!
Stand in awe of HIS great works!

Then suddenly, this mighty chorus stops as God Himself rises from His Throne to sing into our hearts: “Be still and know that I am God!”  “Be still – Cease – Rest in Me – Let go of fear!”  Oh, the power of His Voice!  Even as Jesus spoke to the raging wind and waves, “Peace, be still,” so God sings Shalom into the raging turbulence of our souls.

And as if to remove any doubt, God concludes His solo with: “I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” 

Do you believe this?  Then lift your voice and exalt Him with all your heart, “The Lord of Hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our Fortress.”

Please take a moment to read Psalm 46:1-11 ESV

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