Day 29

Walk Away from Shame

Who is the one who condemns?

– Romans 8:34 NASB –

Do not allow the accusations of the enemy to become a voice of condemnation and death that makes its home in you. Satan is a murderer and a liar. He will distort God’s Word, try to steal your freedom and make every effort to corrupt your righteousness in Christ if you let him. Don’t let him talk you into wearing fig leaves. Don’t allow the enemy to drag you back into court! In Christ, you have been pronounced “not guilty.” The Judge has ruled for all eternity. The trial is over. Shame has been crucified. Look at the Cross – it’s empty. Look at the tomb – it’s empty. We have a risen Savior! And Jesus is the only one qualified to provide the commentary on your life. Listen to His voice alone.

This is who you are.

Walk away from SHAME!