Looking into the face of another, there’s nothing quite like a smile. Think about the face-to-face interaction between a parent and child. Parents spend hours of face time trying to get their newborn to smile. Then finally, around 6-8 weeks old, it happens, and mom and dad rejoice! For what cannot yet be communicated with words, is so easily said with a smile. With such limited understanding and literally zero vocabulary, a baby speaks volumes by something so simple – and so do we.

As one of the very first things we learn, it stands as one of the most powerful God-given powers we possess. Intricately woven into our hearts and minds, smiles make the face shine and put light in the eyes. Some of us try to smooth out those smile lines as we age, but they really are a beautiful testimony to our outlook on life. They stand as visible evidence that things are well with our souls – that we love laughter and, as the proverb says, “smile at the future.”

Isn’t it interesting all people smile in the same language? It’s truly an expression that transcends all boundaries. It puts joy, optimism and delight on display. It radiates warmth and communicates acceptance. It makes you feel welcome and draws you in. We cannot overestimate its impact because it’s proven to be highly contagious.

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26 NIV

In the Hebrew, grace, often translated favor, means “to be cheerful; to bestow delight and joy.” It is highly connected to both a greeting and the face. Because of this, the Scriptures frequently couple it with the phrases “in the eyes of” or “in the sight of.”

With the eyes of your heart, look up at the face of God and one feature should be sharply in focus. Do you see it? He’s not frowning or shaking His head, He’s got a big smile and “yes” written all over His face. And oh, how He loves to shine His amazing grace on you in Jesus – not just in salvation, but throughout all your days.

You have much to smile about today. 😃

Make Your face shine on Your servant; save me in Your steadfast love! Psalm 31:16 ESV

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