Watching the sun rise is truly amazing. One minute it’s night, but then a wonderful miracle of transformation occurs – that incredible moment when an uncontainable source of light breaks over the horizon and banishes the darkness simply by its presence.

On Christmas Eve 2000 years ago, the world turned and the sun rose, but from heaven’s vantage point, a thick darkness remained. For people were still held captive under the inescapable darkness of sin. Even the light of the sun was insufficient to dispel this darkness.

Many actually loved the darkness as it hid their true estate – serving as a temporary cloak but all the while tightening its relentless grip on their very souls. Others dreaded the darkness and were filled with the despair of being trapped by a force they were helpless to escape. And the powers of darkness rejoiced.

Yet on that night, the first Christmas night, another Light was about to shine unlike any other ever seen. Eyewitnesses spoke of a unique star shining in the east and of angels who lit up the sky over Bethlehem. But in the spiritual realm, it was that first cry of the manger that pierced the darkness of sin, death and hell with an Everlasting and Unquenchable Light.

Simply by His Presence, hope was born. The Light of the World shattered the powers of darkness with the dawn of redeeming grace. God clothed in flesh. Immanuel. God with us. For that silent night long ago, there was a glorious Sonrise as Jesus set His heavenly crown on a pile of straw and all of heaven rejoiced while the world slept.

Celebrate the Sonrise!

The people living in darkness have seen a great Light, on those living in the land of the shadow of death a Light has dawned. Matthew 4:16 NIV

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